International Standard Serial Number (ISSN): 2223-3547

First Issue: June, 2011


(hereafter referred to as Journal) is published annually by the General Education Center of National Defense University. The Journal explores the theories and practices of general education and aims to promote the quality of general education.


Publisher: President of National Defense University


The Journal accepts articles on a rolling basis throughout the year, and you may submit your article through the electronic system at any time. Please submit your paper(s) through the Information System on the Home page of National Defense University.


Prior to publication, all the submitted paper(s) will be sent to outside reviewers to be evaluated through an anonymous refereeing process. Two scholars of relevant field will decide whether the work submitted should be accepted without revisions, accepted with revisions needed, revised and re-submitted, or rejected.


This annual journal is published paperback in September.


Contributors to the Journal will receive payment or fee for their submissions.

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