Academic Affairs Division FAQs

( Keywords: Graduation alumni, Student registration materials, Military employees, Public expense, Allowance, Transcript, Certificate )

Student Affairs Division FAQs

( Keywords: Students affairs question, Political warfare question )

General Affairs Division FAQs

( Keywords: Restaurant dining time, Restaurant charge way, Recruit question, Clothing military supplies question )

Comptroller Office FAQ

( Keywords: Laws and Regulations Retrieving System, Expenditure Standards and Audit Operations Manual, Official budget, Operating fund budget, Non-operating special fund, Domestic Business trip, Foreign Business trip )

Research & Development Office FAQs

( Keywords: Journal, Academic activities )

Library and Information Center FAQs

( Keywords: Literature, Electronic resources, Paper, Comparison system, Database, Journal, Borrowing books )

Information Management Center FAQs

( Keywords: MIS system, Network maintenance, Software license, Mail service, Phone, Clouddesk )

Infirmary FAQs

( Keywords: Appointment service, Emergency service, Health education, Prevent medicine, PE classes, EMT )

General Education Center FAQs

( Keywords: Journal of General Education, General Education courses, Military Ethics and Character Education Conference, Audio-visual Military Ethics and Education )

Military Common Curriculum Center FAQs

( Keywords: National Defense Education, National Defense Nansha Research Camp )

Language Center FAQs

( Keywords: CEFR、Preparatory English Course, Advanced English Course, Foreign Language Courses, Spanish, French, German, Russian, Arabic, Japanese, Korean )

Physical Education Office FAQs

( Keywords: Gymnasium, Swimming pool, Basketball, Tennis, Badminton, Heavy training, Gym, Athletic field, Exercise )

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