Academic Affairs Division Services

( Keywords: Student Status Application Form, Self-funded transfer military application form, Graduate and student complaints, Graduate Inter-school Elective Course Application Form, Graduate and student credit application form, Student transfer application, Professional instructor selection application form, Excellent Teacher Officer Selection Application Form )

Student Affairs Division Services

( Keywords: Mental health area, Punishment and sexual harassment complaint documents, Scholarship )

General Affairs Division Services

( Keywords: Project information, Clothing information, Human affairs information, Cooling tower equipment, Ice water main engine equipment, Clothing station )

Comptroller Office Services

( Keywords: Military annuity reform, Natural person certificate extension )

Research & Development Office Services

( Keywords: National Defense Journal, Intellectual Property Office, Ministry of Economic Affairs, Ministry of Science and Technology, Government Publication Information, Inter-university strategic alliances )

Library and Information Center Services

( Keywords: Academic Information, Interlibrary Loan Service, Gallery of NDU History, Gallery of War History, Study Group, Library Exhibitions, Library Statistics )

Information Management Center Services

( Keywords: MIS system, Mail service )

Infirmary Services

( Keywords: Toayuan Armed Forces Hospital Outpatient Department Physician Schedule, Tri-Service General Hospital Outpatient Department Physician Schedule, Hsin Chu Armed Forces Hospital Outpatient Department Physician Schedule, Symptom reference table )

General Education Center Services

( Keywords: Guidelines for Establishment of Faculty Evaluation Committees, Guidelines for Recruitment of Teaching Staff, Guidelines for the Selection of External Reviewers, Guidelines for Establishment of Faculty Evaluation Committees at Departmental Level, Guidelines for the Promotion of Teachers at Departmental Level, Guidelines for the Appointment of Teachers at Departmental Level )

Military Common Curriculum Center Services

( Keywords: National Defense Education, National Defense Nansha Research Camp )

Language Center Services

( Keywords: Japanese learning website, Arabic learning website, English learning website )

Physical Education Office Services

( Keywords: The National Database Of Student Athlete, Chinese Taipei University Sports Federation )

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