The school passed the Ministry of Education's 2018 second cycle education evaluation documentary.

The school evaluation system is entrusted by the Ministry of Education to the Higher Education Evaluation Center to conduct on-the-spot visits to universities, with a five-year evaluation cycle. The second cycle evaluation period starts from April 105 to June 2011. The purpose of the school is to ensure that the school can improve its internal quality assurance and continue to improve. Through self-assessment and external evaluation committee members' field visits, it is confirmed that the quality of the school's operational quality can help achieve the school. Establish the purpose and objectives, and demonstrate its effectiveness in running schools and fulfilling the responsibilities of social citizens.

The documentary content focuses on the three stages of completion and implementation of pre-operations, self-assessment, and field visits. The summary is as follows:

■The pre-operation phase (August to November 2016)

Describe the school planning evaluation plan, task grouping, division of labor, evaluation briefing, self-assessment report and supporting information, progress control and handling of special lectures, and observation of the school's school assessment, etc. as follows:

On December 23, 2016, private experts and scholars (Professor Wang Baojin, former director of the Center for School Research and Evaluation of Chung Yuan University) were invited to give a special lecture.

School Evaluation1

■Self-assessment stage (December 2016~February 2017):

●The first self-assessment documentary photo on August 29, 2017

School Evaluation2

School Evaluation3

●The second self-assessment documentary photo on November 15, 2017

School Evaluation4

■Field visit evaluation stage (March-April 2018):


●On April 23 and 20, 2018, the appraisal committee conducted a field visit to the school to review the documentary photos.

School Evaluation5

■Through education evaluation:

School Evaluation6



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