Graduation alumni apply for various types of student registration materials?

□Application method


Military employees' obligations and obligations to be fulfilled

1. Complete the course of study according to the period of study as determined by the Admissions Guide.
2. After graduating from the preparatory school, students from the central part of the country should be admitted to the preparatory school's senior high school or military school standing in the non-commissioned sergeant class; after the high school students of the preparatory school graduate, they should be admitted to the military school for the regular class and the specialist class.
3. After graduating from a military school, you should serve the minimum number of years of active service as defined in the Admissions Guide.




Can military students apply for suspension of school during their studies?

According to the rules of the school, students who apply for the semester after the registration of the student (sickness) must apply for a letter from the parent or guardian before the end of the semester, and the school will be approved and completed.


Why are the reasons for leaving school?

1. Suspected criminal cases can not continue to practice.
2. Due to public holidays, leave, sick leave or other accidents, the number of missed classes per semester exceeds one-fifth of the time of education; the calculation of educational time is based on the number of educational hours set by the school's educational programs.
3. Self-funded students are invited to take a place.




Whether military expenditure students still enjoy the school’s public expense and allowance during the period of suspension?

Military expenditure students, starting from the effective date of the students, until the day before the effect of the students, stop paying public fees and allowances. However, due to the injury to the public, the allowance and health insurance subsidy are still paid.


What are the restrictions on the duration of the semester?

Scholars during the period of study are limited to one time and shall not exceed one academic year from the date of approval of suspension.


Can I apply for early school?

During the period of suspension from school, if the time limit has not exceeded one-fifth of the education time, you may request to return to school in advance; if you request to re-appear in advance, you will be counted according to the incident, illness, and public leave.


What documents must be prepared for returning to school?

When the students who are absent from school return to school, they must apply by the parents, guardians or the original unit, and attach the certificate of the school to the school.


What is the status of the students after the resumption of school?

Students who are absent from school should resume their studies in the academic year (period) of the original department (group); when the original department (group) changes or stops, each college may tutor the students to the appropriate department (group) to continue their studies.


Students failing to pass the "new student training results"?

Those who fail to pass the freshman training training results should be withdrawn from school.


Can a military student withdraw from school to apply for a certificate of study and a transcript?

Students who withdraw from school will be required to pay for the period of the school, or after completing the instalment, they will be issued a certificate of repair and transcripts.


Can a military student who is expelled from a studentship apply for a certificate of practice and a transcript?

Students and graduate students who are expelled from school will not be issued a certificate (transfer) and a transcript.


What are the requirements for students to be awarded the "Bachelor's Degree Certificate"?

1.  Complete the required subjects and credits.
2.  Completion of the internship or training during the specified period of time, and the results are qualified.
3. Complete the items specified in the educational plan.


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