The National Defense University is the premium educational center for professional military education, dedicated to studies in strategic planning and military operations.


Through professional academic programs, the NDU aims to nurture the future leaders of the armed forces to command effectively across the range of security challenges.


Several primary tasks constitute the core of education at the NDU. The first is to promote officers’ comprehension of military strategy and joint operations. Through interdisciplinary and professional military courses, the NDU expects the officers to refine their skills of conducting both service and joint operations, and to acquire capabilities in formulating military strategy and defense policy.


The second task is to advance the academic environment for faculty and officers to conduct researches on military affairs including military science and technology, logistics and management, and military sociology. The third is to pursue academic excellence by nurturing individual intellectual development. In addition, the NDU plays an advisory force in the annual Command Post Exercise and Field Training Exercise, and also acts as a support cornerstone for defense policy.

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