【National Emblem】The National Emblem represents our Country “Republic of China”.

【Spikes of Rice】The Spikes of Rice stand for agriculture orientation of ROC.

Three Rings and Five Waving Strips】Representing three principles of the people, joint operation of the services; those also represent Chinese traditional military ethical codes and creeds: Intelligence, Confidence, and Kindness, Brave and Discipline as well.

Tai-chi, Anchor, Saber and Pen】Representing the inheritance of Confucian orthodoxy for ROC’s interdependent and eternal country blesses, it also represents to develop ROCN’s personnel for being highly faithful, responsible and becoming both literary and military capacities so as to achieve the goal of being a modernized Navy with world envisions among the globe.

UpdateDate:2024/7/17 下午 15:51:00