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2020/11/02 Taipei Public Library inaugurated the "World Dessert Award" book fair 1363
2020/11/02 "Airborne library"- spreading knowledge 1791
2020/10/05 The activity of storytelling volunteer will be started at the Miaoli County Library from October 2020. 1794
2020/10/05 The recent development of Open Access and those important European and American libraries. 1754
2020/09/10 National Academic Electronic Information Resource Sharing Alliance 1829
2020/09/10 Beishi Picture 9/19 Study Abroad Lecture   Studying in the United States-the key to high TOEFL listening score 1837
2020/08/03 "Historic Library" can only enter by appointment! Inventory of North Taiwan’s "5 Must-Visit Bookstores", a new choice for summer summer 1763
2020/08/03 "Experience the fun of reading "Happy" in the summer vacation, "Reading" in Yanhui Library will be on stage on August 10th and 11th 798
2020/07/06 The CP value is the highest this summer! Free pizza coupons and e-book readers when you borrow a book 1251
2020/07/06 Designing Life with Dreams-National Public Library Tour Exhibition 1329
2020/06/11 The Ministry of Culture announced an overweight "Art Fun Ticket" 600 yuan per copy to watch movies and buy books 1820
2020/06/11 The Taipei City Library has launched a LINE notification service for book expirations since June 15th. Readers are welcome to use more 786
2020/05/07 The new style of the library after the new crown pneumonia? 1869
2020/05/07 The epidemic prevention will be further upgraded. The hall will be implemented with a real-name entry system from the opening day of May 5 (Tuesday). 1835
2020/04/21 From now on, the National Library takes preventive measures regarding COVID-19 by cutting back seat numbers to a hundred 1805
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